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  Finest Travel is a new travel magazine with unique destinations  and with unique stories. Focusing on photography, history, folklore, architecture, hospitality, accessibility and the value of each area.
Every trip is unique, just as every place is.
The way to read the magazine you are interested in, is extremely simple. Follow the steps and you will receive the email to download each magazine.
In all cases, the email you receive will contain the magazine's download link and then download the magazine to your computer or tablet or phone downloads folder. Then it opens automatically with Adobe acrobat and starts reading it. In some cases your phone and tablet will need to be saved by tapping the top right on the three dots. When you open it with Adobe Acrobat you have the option to mark and choose how to view vertically or horizontally.
Thank you very much, good reading!

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Finest Travel magazine
Dimitris Kalantzis Greece