Advertising on digital magazine.

Advertise Here

One of the best ways to advertise is to post in a magazine.
Here the advertising is unique and follows the digital form and it is always present as many times as the magazine is sold.
The advertising post is every two pages and you can select more pages at a reduced price.
Each advertising post, should have three different dimensions as you publish the digital form in all three categories, desktop, tablet, phone.
Each link listing directs the reader to your website or your social page where you can finds the most information.
Contact us to find the best advertising that is right for you.
All advertising post are one-time without a monthly fee.
Select an issue and upload files.

Select advertising page.

Choose the advertising pages, the dimensions are for an A4 and placing on a tablet and phone does not charge extra.

Advertising on Tv-Radio Live

Banner 1:1

The registration in Tv-Radio Live is an annual or semi-annual subscription and we place a Banner 1: 1 and below it we place the link of the advertiser's website so that the visitor can direct you to the website. You can change the banner every month according to your subscription.