I feel blessed to be carrying God’s grandest gift that dances and lives inside me, the mostcreative mesmeric kiss emerging from flaming breath of the colored gold coin that knowsthe silence.Dizzy with the sense of achievement, there burns the kisses of love’s myrrh, embraced in thecolored pallet of the soul, inhabited sphere of painting.


Worshipper of its scent, I declare.

Nothing has flooded my dreams as much as you.You are a daily sunshine with the blessed kiss of light that spills over the sky-scentedaromatic oil of the love eternal, from fragrant winged rain and breath of daily fertility.


In your bosom I planted the roots of my freedom, between the refreshing burning colors of the rainbow.Weaving life giving colors of light on the scented dress of the snow covered canvas.Sipping on the multi-layered volcanic kiss of creativity.You are for me all that I dreamt of.You are for me the most beautiful.
My exaltation.


Biographical note

Where respect prevails there is order and progress. Wherever you stand, nature functions in total harmony, dressed in the dark and, at the same time, bright charm of beauty. Flying in the sky like an eagle, you look in the heart of infinite but humble depths. The stone made houses of this land, its high rocky mountains, its purling rivers, its great gorges and scarce soil, all these elements together keep the balance of respect, embracing one another. That is the way of THE FREE MOTHERLAND OF GORTYNIA


This is my birthplace, the amorous mother with its bright, white light that revealed to me the thunderous answer to all the questions:To respect the essence of things.I was born on October 4th 1945, under the bright light of Gortynia, in the village named Stavrodromi ,Arcadia. My parents were Panagiotis Papaconstantinou, son of Leonidas, and Christitsa Georgakopoulou, daughter of Ioannis.All I have ever loved was born There, All my dreams were born There, What I still love was born ThereI would like to be reborn There, in the soil that nurtured me, in the arms of the sun of Gortynia, in the first light my eyes have ever seen, saturated by its infinite sweet smell.


It is virtue that integrates the personality of man, while consistency and love make him a better person.Sometimes going upstream and some other times letting myself be drift with the current of time, I try to improve my painting. I refine my techniques and I continuously seek for new ones. That is why I work on my paintings for many hours revelling in the greatest joy and happiness of my life.


If you ask, you’ll learn and you’ll shine like the sun and when you grow up, noble like Digenis you’ll become.I draw and paint since I was at a very young age, and then I dreamt of becoming a professional painter. My childhood, as far as I can remember, was full of will, passion and dreams for life.Dreams never give up on you when you believe in them, They blossom and never die if you love them,The steel your will and make it stronger, Transferring you to the centre of the sun.You can reach the sun, if you let your dreams intoxicate you.My absolute love for painting was my only teacher. When I paint I enjoy every moment and I am saturated by the love painting gives to me. That is why I love it.Giving love fills man with confidence and pays him back with love.


Love is a noble feeling, a bright jewel of beauty, the very strength and power of our heart and soul, that makes our lives prettier.Gleaning the best experiences of my journey through life, I became one with its universal breath. I gathered the crystal sweat of knowledge, under the bright salty light of the sun and the freezing blow of the wind, transferring everything I learnt into my vains like fresh blood.That is my connection, my ship with life, in which I appeared like the morning scream of the turbulent ocean, travelling, from then on, like in an orbit around the sun, in an everlasting quest.Having learnt a lot from life’s experiences, I wandered here and there, filling my quest with overwhelming thought and eternal light, spreading my love to the toil each and every day, working on poetry and painting.


For me, painting is an inundating, helpless love, torched by a blazing, intoxicating folly, in an everlasting Dionysiac feast.There, I enjoy total ecstasy, the necessant, molecular, fertile pollen, digesting it with the help of my knowledge and love for painting. There is nothing I enjoy more than rolling in the fiery sea of painting, almost devoutly like a pilgrim.


The actual depiction of works of painting, the combination of colours clearly originate from the individual expression of creative thought. An individual style that leaves its mark on each painting agitating and augmenting tha waves of colours that inundate and light up the depths of my soul.Entering the labyrinth of mind, the brightest definition of truth, memory is like a sponge. Captured and sealed in admirable frames, in experiences and fantasies, engraved in the soul that guards them, with shocking memories of objects and facts that I have gathered from all my journeys along with the brightness of the night and my prays, I kneaded all these with my own hands and wreathed them with sweet breath and kisses.


I rebelled against the tyrannical bonds of reason, not tolerating its restrictions any more, I continue my journey in the infinite splendour of the free, infinite and transcedental imagination of the subconscious. In my effort to dig up testimonies and secrets hidden my memory, struggling with the layers of the mind and the tides of wild imagination that gives life to more and more new components of a conetmporary image.A kind of painting that goes beyond reality, based on a contemporary network of inspiration and an individual perception of things.


I filled the meadows of my soul with new works of painting magnetized by light and truth.Exhilarated with bursting memory, stillness and traquility unsettles me, that is why I never rest.


I get carried away by the sweet smelling whirlwind of my unceasing creative notion that expands and suffuses my unrestrained and wild love for painting, letting me fly in the arms of colours like a free dawn.Thus, I wander in a bliss,going far beyond the light of the sun.I want to live in all that I love and can be loved.
I ask for nothing more than to paint to my heart’s content.